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Restoring commercial and residential properties through quality demolition, renovation and construction solutions for a more environmentally friendly future.

About us

Lifeline ReBuild is a woman and minority-owned commercial and residential construction and renovation firm. We devote ourselves to providing top-notch innovative renovation and construction solutions to our clients in Maryland and DC. We specialize in demolitions, installations, maintenance, and renovations for residential and commercial properties.

Our primary focus is the management, preservation, and revitalization of commercial, industrial, and residential properties alike. We are proficient at providing services in a results-driven team environment for clients, cross-functional colleagues, external partners, and executive stakeholders.

Our vast network of contractors is committed to completing jobs professionally, on time, and on budget. We service commercial, non-profit, and governmental organizations by mobilizing the right people, skills, and technologies. We help organizations optimize their performance both nationally and internationally.

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Why Choose Our Demolition And Renovation Services?

Lifeline ReBuild is a corporation that focuses on rebuilding communities through ingenious restoration and renovation solutions. Below are reasons why our clients entrust us with their projects.

High-quality results

We devote ourselves to surpassing customer expectations and going above and beyond to provide value to our clients. Our construction experts are devoted to providing quality facilities maintenance solutions to extend the life of commercial and residential properties.

Our experts surpass our clients’ expectations by utilizing innovative and sustainable construction technologies to deliver quality results.

We seek to attain our clients’ goals with high-quality renovation services. Our licensed contractors handle all your renovation needs from demolitions to custom installations and everything in between. We present unique solutions for every commercial, industrial, or residential project depending on our clients’ vision and goals.

Experienced and certified professionals

We are certified construction specialists and renovation contractors who have several years of experience in the industry. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise allow us to handle any kind of project however complex it may seem.

We are a team of trained professionals who don’t invest in standard solutions. We only apply innovative and unique solutions that add value to our clients.

Our experts have a keen eye for detail and can detect any kind of facility maintenance issue and address it accordingly. We have extensive skills and knowledge that allow us to safely restore properties after water, fire, or storm damage. We regain the functionality of your property with timely and on-budget renovation services.

Great customer service

Our clients are our most valuable assets which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing unwavering customer support. Our staff is friendly and always available to cater to our client’s needs. We seek to provide a comfortable and transparent working environment throughout your entire project.

We keep our communication lines open throughout your demolition, construction, or renovation project. Lifeline Rebuild represents the best interests of our clients and is accountable for every decision that impacts your project.

Our quick problem-solving abilities enable us to address any concerns that our clients might have. We provide insights and tips that help our clients effectively manage and preserve their property.

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Our core competencies


We are a highly skilled team of professionals that has successfully handled multiple demolition projects. Our experts help clients attain the necessary demolition permits required to kick-start the demolition process. We safely demolish properties to eliminate hazards or get ready for renovations. Our clients rely on us for interior and exterior demolitions raising up to 100,000 square feet. 


Our professionals install all kinds of fittings, appliances, fixtures, and others depending on your needs. We handle all sorts of installations from gutter, fixtures, lighting, appliances, custom installations, and more. Our team of experts is committed to providing high-quality results by properly installing high-grade fixtures in your commercial or residential property.


We work with NGOs, governmental organizations, and residential and commercial property owners to restore property functionality with superior-quality renovation services. Our team listens to you and provides first-class renovation services. We do all renovation jobs, including kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living area, interior, and exterior of the home or commercial property.

Property preservation

Lifeline Rebuild seeks to preserve commercial and residential properties through quality inspections, repairs, and renovations. We commit ourselves to protecting and adding value to our clients’ properties by providing routine inspections and repairs. Through our innovative solutions, we can uphold the health and quality of structures.  

Property restoration

We focus on improving structures and enhancing the well-being of our clients with quality renovation and property restoration services. Our professionals recreate a better and safer environment for clients by restoring the functionality and structural integrity of properties after storm or water damage. We provide restoration services that place our clients in better positions than they were before disasters.  

Facilities maintenance

Lifeline rebuild focuses on preserving the integrity of facilities by duly performing routine inspections and preventing costly repairs with preventative maintenance. Moisture can affect the structure of properties which is why our repair experts come in handy to avert the risks. As a trailblazer in the industry, we provide lasting solutions to preserve our clients’ facilities.

Our Portfolio

LifeLine ReBuild

Your best choice for demolitions, renovations, preservation, and facility maintenance services for residential, commercial and community needs.

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